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Dwell into a deeper understanding of colours and how they help in either making or breaking a beautiful image. 


An in-depth knowledge about colours and how to use them in the field of photography (across genres)

Ongoing mentoring available even after the workshop

Mentoring by Internationally certified and award winning Newborn Photographer

Each topic is discussed with visual reference for better understanding


Introduction to Colour Theory

What is a colour wheel and the colours of the wheel. How they play an important role in photography

Breakdown of Colours

Understanding concepts of colours such as Hue, Saturation, Tone, Brightness, Tint, Shade, etc and how they impact photographs

Colour Temperature

Warm and Cool colours.

Balancing the temperature and using it appropriately in different situations

Colour Depth

All about Bits and Banding. Why is it used and how.

Colour Harmony

One of the main concepts of colour theory. Understanding the different combinations of colours that are appealing to the eye.

How to use this in styling set ups or making wardrobe choices during photoshoot sessions

Psychology of Colour Theory 

Exploring the emotions each colour offers. 


I am a complete beginner to photography. Is this workshop recommended for me?

Yes ofcourse. Colour theory is something that can be learnt and used by anybody and not just by photographers, it can be even used on a day-to-day basis in doing up your homes, deciding what combination of clothes to wear, etc. 

Do I need to have prior knowledge about Photography to attend this workshop?

No, as mentioned above, it is meant for everyone. Once you understand the theory of colours it just makes it easier to adapt the knowledge when it comes to styling for photographers too. 

What should I carry for the workshop?

An open mind and a notebook if you are interested in taking notes. If you are opting for an online workshop, then you will need a good internet connection with either zoom/skype or Google meet installed. 

If you have further questions about the mentoring workshop, do drop me a note at

Get ready to paint your way through in style!


₹ 4,000/-

Payment details will be shared upon enquiry

TIME: 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Pretty Pictures Photography Studio

#345, 2nd cross, 1st Block Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011

Email or WhatsApp 9845277631 for available dates and  slots.

To register for the workshop, please drop in an email to

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