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The mundane, the chaos and the bond with an entertaining child during a lockdown

What better time to spend quality time with your child and capture all of those everyday activities. I did just that with my 5 year old and here is a glimpse of my story.

But before you see that, let me give you a few tips on making your own.

Babies or toddlers or even teens, they live in a world of their own….a beautiful world which we may never understand.

Everything they do is a joy to our eyes, so why let go. Pick up your cameras, or even your phones and capture them right away.

  • No Excuses - make time for it. With a growing phase, you may never get another chance to witness the acts of today.

  • You don’t need high end cameras, do it with your mobile phones. Switch to the portrait mode if you have one to get those yummy blurs.

  • Don’t worry about the mess around you. The mess tells a story too.

  • Keep it simple and natural. You don’t need to invest in editing softwares or do extensive editing as you are documenting their everyday life and not creating those fine art magazine portraits. But if you still want to, you can use softwares like VSCO, snapseed or lightroom available for smart phones.

  • If you are worried about lighting, keep them close to windows or keep your room bright. outdoors are a great place to make pictures as well.

  • Capture reactions. Include all emotions, happy, crying, angry….after all we are humans and our moods do change.

And lastly, do share your stories. I would love to see them.

If you are further interested in knowing how to take those memorable images of your kids or want to learn more about making eye-catchy beautiful pictures with your smartphones, sign up for my online workshops on ‘photographing kids’ and ‘smartphone photography tips and tricks’.

Drop in an email at for more information.

My Story:

It was time for the summer vacations and I usually buy my supplies to keep my toddler occupied a few days before the holidays begin, but little did I know of what’s coming and that it all happened at a very sudden pace. Here we are now with a lockdown and everything shut, but the everyday life has to go on.

From early hours of the morning to the tiring moonlit nights, helping with simple chores to being a superhero he is a bag of energy keeping us on our feet.


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