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Photoshoots are not for me : 8 excuses from a first time mom!

Updated: May 11, 2019

Sometimes, I angrily ask my mom why she didn't tell me how challenging this journey of “being a mom” would be. She simply smiles and pulls out one of my old photo albums and shows me some adorable pictures and tells me, that she hardly remembers the struggles and her memories of my childhood are beautiful & peaceful. This conversation with my mom, actually opened my eyes to a whole need for capturing memories.

But then again...

we always have a bunch of excuses to avoid or shy away from investing in making memories.

Here are a few that crossed my mind too:

1. You feel FAT

…..and would not really want to see yourself being so in a picture! This is quite true. However, wouldn't it be worthy to note that it probably would be the only time (for many of us in today’s world) to actually embrace a miracle growing within and save that memory for life?

Maternity Photoshoot
Here is one of my favourite shots from our maternity shoot. I look at these and feel so thin now! There’s always an upside!

2. You are too exhausted now

…..But in time, (when you probably feel you can survive as the new you); you will want to look back at your baby’s first few days in the world. No, I’m not saying they will make you forget the pain or the struggles, in-fact they will keep them alive and make motherhood so much more special for you!

Family Portraits
Here’s a picture of us when the little one was 6 days old & I had not slept for even 6 hours straight. But what a beautiful memory!

3. Coz they are just babies

…..and everyone has babies (who probably look just the same?). But trust me, they don't remain little for long. Most of us will sit down on their first birthday & look back at that newborn photoshoot to point out exactly how that nose grew, the eyebrows changed & the hair curled up!

newborn photoshoot
My baby at 1 month when he had a dented nose, no hair to cover his big forehead & didn't even have eyebrows

4. You may hurt them!

This is a genuine worry and not an excuse! But I would say, trusting a professional to capture precious moments, is a much safer option than you trying to do crazy poses and shots on your own. Also, for those paranoid moms (I was/am one) worried about flash affecting their eyes or a swaddle being too tight - opt for photographers who are moms too. It comes to them naturally!

Newborn Photoshoot
Here is an amazing shot of my boy nestled in my palms. Please do not try this without professional assistance...ever!

5. You don't have time

… in between all the feeding & pooping, if there’s a minute you’d rather sleep right? But just by looking forward to the end result, I have seen many mommies go through the affair with a smile! Yes, it does take a while to plan & set-up & complete a photoshoot. No kidding, it definitely needs the baby and mommy not to be cranky! Being well prepared & listening to the ‘really patient’ professional behind the camera makes it easy.

6. You wouldn't pay so much

…..but still want pictures that are beautiful? Sorry! But you can't have the cake & eat it too! Remember when it comes to your baby, you want the best - not just now - it will be throughout nursery, school, college, career & probably even life partner. Then why begin with something mediocre? That being said, talk to your photographer on what you are willing to spend, they may have a package that works in your favour!

7. You don't believe in posting on Social Media

….but not all pictures are clicked for social media, just like how all memories are not made for the public eye! A photoshoot need not always result in an album upload on Facebook or a photo grid on Instagram. It could also be just for you. All the more reason to have an intimate maternity shoot or some imperfect candid snaps! Makes the memory more exclusive right?

Here is a picture of the photo grid on my bedroom wall. These pictures never went on any social channel. They are here only for the sake of this blog!

8. You can do it yourself

….sure you can, but that would never compare to the pictures a professional with the right equipment & experience would give you. Also, have you seen the adorable props they have compared to the boring bed sheet backdrops you would use?

Would you have any more excuses? Let me know in the comments!

If not, book your next photoshoot soon - do check for a free slot by writing to

Capture those precious moments and probably even use it to change the perception of another struggling mom in future?



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