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It is not about Less or More. It is Quality over Quantity

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

“How many images will I receive from a photo-session?” Does this question sound familiar to you? I’m sure these are the thoughts you would have had or even asked when you were looking out for a photoshoot session.

In response, you want to hear a number as high as possible, because you think more number of images, better the experience and value for money.

But wait, hold on to that thought!

Have you ever wondered how stressful it is to receive too many images from a session? Which one would you choose, which one will you print or share?

You wouldn’t want to share very similar images on Facebook or Instagram with the same outfit, same set up with just a slight difference in hand movements or a waxing and waning of a smile. What would people think…Is it a game of spot the difference?

Neither would you want to print your album with a sequel of images ranging from blurry, out of focus to some really nice shots and then again moving away to an unwanted expression.

People today do not have the patience to go through a 100 images. Their attention lasts only for the first few and if the images are out of the world, then can be stretched to a few more. These ‘People’ that I’m talking about includes yourself. When was the last time you browsed through a friend’s album of 200 images in full detail?

Save yourself that trouble and trust your photographer to choose the best and deliver them to you.

pretty pictures photography
A vibrant variety in a gallery is always better than having too many repetitive images.
You rather have 10 beautiful images - each worthy of a frame than having 50 average and confusing images where you spend a whole week thinking which one you would want to use.

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